Recap: Pure Barre MDR

"Nice balls"  

"Jessica--I love your balls!"

"OMG can I take a photo of your balls?"

These are not compliments I've heard before, but I certainly hear them now! I collaborated with Pure Barre Marina Del Rey on some special balls for their studio. The ball is used in every class, between your thighs while you squat and tuck, in your arms while you crunch and reach, and behind your leg while you sculpt your seat. 

Painting a spherical, textured, and rubbery surface was a challenge and a time consuming process but the end results are amazing! The studio owner wanted a Birthday Ball for clients to use on their birthday, a 100 Club Ball for clients to use in their 100th class, a special ball that matched the botanical wallpaper of the studio Botanical Ball, and finally a Location Ball which visiting instructors could use when they dropped into the Marina Del Rey location!

These balls were made to make people feel special and to set the studio apart, adding to the fresh energy that makes this location and their clientele unique!