She received a B.A. in Political Science and a minor in Fine Arts Painting from The University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA in 2014. Her work has been included in thematic exhibitions such as Boiling Point at Superposition Gallery, Los Angeles, CA (2019). Notable public art installations include Coachella’s Global Inheritance Artist for (2018-2019). Predominantly an oil painter, Bellamy has also completed many commercial projects with large brands including Kenneth Cole and Google.


My paintings are usually developed from a note, title, or phrase that comes to me while navigating my way through life in Los Angeles. The compositions are dream-like visions of the world around me that giving form to unseen, often absurd or unsettling narratives that lie beneath the landscape of mundane things: shaggy palm trees, excessive parking signs, eccentric architecture, and sunset views from the freeways. As I explore and define my perspective as a young woman of color, I use the familiarity of southern California landscapes and aesthetics to connect shared visual references with the mood of chaotic unrest that is undeniable in our shared historical moment. My paintings present an intensified view of contemporary life that wavers between idealism and existential ambivalence.

Jessica Taylor Bellamy Jbellzamy